22 May 2017
art portfolio success
How we can help to get you into art college

If you have begun to realise just how much work is involved in creating a portfolio and don’t know where or how to begin then I suggest you need to talk to Portfolio Oomph. THE place to go to speak about your art college portfolio – we can work with you one to one on our new aligned portfolio course. Read or watch more to hear how we can helped Ellie and can help you too. Find out more about our new online portfolio preparation course.

"I think for me, art had always been something I was really interested in at school, and something that I really enjoyed and design was something that I particularly liked and I was really interested in. The broad nature of fashion design and the ever-changing nature of fashion and how it's always evolving and developing and the design process was something that really interested me."

"I think that a low point that was probably at the very, very beginning of the process when we suddenly realised, or I suddenly realised that a process that I thought might be quite straight-forward, was really quite intimidating and the statistics around the number of people that got into fashion design courses in Scotland was really quite a surprise and quite a shock.

I first discovered Portfolio Oomph when I was doing some internet research and I'd also heard about Portfolio Oomph from a friend who had met Julie and really just found it very helpful to get some guidance and support in the process. I think one of the most useful things I learned from Portfolio Oomph was, in terms of developing my sketchbooks and really learning how to use a sketchbook and having someone to really just talk through my ideas with because sometimes I would become confused and sort of a bit lost in my project and just needed to talk to somebody about it and see what their thoughts were in order to progress in the best way. So I think that was what was really helpful and having that guidance and support from somebody who knew about the process and knew about how hard it was in order to get into art college.

Well I'm actually delighted that having gone through a very intensive process over a relatively short period of time, that Ellie's lucky enough now to be sitting with five offers from certainly, institutions that I would have thought and do provide a very good fashion design course. I suppose, unexpectedly, because we didn't even know when applying, whether it was quite good enough, these offers started coming in. It was a very, very exciting process and I suppose in our heart of hearts, we always had a view that perhaps Glasgow and Edinburgh were the preferred, but didn't ever really let ourselves believe that it was going to be possible. I must confess I shed a tear for the first time in many, many years. I was absolutely going for Ellie and so proud of what she'd done.

Recently I received my offers and I think it just made it all worthwhile all the process, because it had been a very long process and a lot of hard work, but it was really valuable by the end of it. I have accepted my offer at Edinburgh College of Art. It was a difficult choice in the end. I spent a lot of time thinking about it.

I think the services of Portfolio Oomph definitely offer value for money and it's largely along the flexibility of the service provided and I think, the one-to-one nature of it. Ellie had done quite a lot of research into other courses and other assists that she may be able to get outside school and signed up for a life-drawing class, a pattern-cutting class, or even a portfolio class at Edinburgh College of Art, all these were classes with lots of other people and at defined times of the week with their own many curricula. So I think it definitely did offer value for money and ultimately, it was successful, so I would certainly recommend it to anyone else who's going through a similar process."


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