12 Jun 2015
art college interview
Need help with your interview?

Need help with your interview?

So you’ve managed to get yourself an interview? Well done!

Not all Colleges interview so you should be proud that you’ve got yourself this far. Some Colleges have a pre-selection mini / digital portfolio submission whereby you submit a digital mini portfolio and if they like what they see then you will be asked to attend an interview. So, good for you.

Now, what great pieces of advice do I have for your interview? Well, a lot of it is actually common sense but because even though it’s common sense, I have seen these big mistakes happening time and time again and it’s just not necessary.

Feeling like you've not prepared well for an interview and going in blind so to speak can really put you on edge.

And when you've got to go in person and blow your own trumpet and talk about your art work and with passion, you need to be calm and organised.

We can help you with our eBook 'How to blow them away at interview' that helps you not just think about the actual interview, but what do you need to do to prepare, in the days beforehand, also what can you do during and after your interview to help.

Please learn from my experiences, I had 3 interviews the first time that I applied for art college and didn't get a place anywhere sadly – I didn't prepare at all. I applied again the following year and with some preparation I received 2 unconditional offers. I have to say that I had a completely different portfolio too that was based on the advice we give in our eBook  'Creating a sensational portfolio'.

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