12 Jun 2015
sketchbooks for art college
Sketchbooks, how to get started

Sketchbooks, how to get started

The colleges talk about how important sketchbooks are and we cannot emphasise this more.

However, sometimes it's difficult to know what to do in your sketchbook as this way of working might  be something that you're not familiar with, even if you're studying art at school. We worked with a student last year who said the following and see her full video testimonial here.




I'd not used a sketchbook before S6 (year 13 in England and Wales) and working with Portfolio Oomph. Sketchbooks were never really talked about and the focus was always on producing a finished piece.

In S5 in our higher work we did a lot smaller quantity of work with a mixture of ideas done on paper not in sketchbooks. These were then selected for presentation along with the final pieces. I realise that this then only shows the successful ideas that have been developed, not what a sketchbook does which shows ALL ideas, good and bad.

One of the most useful things I learnt from Portfolio Oomph was in terms of developing my sketchbooks and really learning how to use them.

Looking back I realise I missed out a lot of the documentation of ideas. I now see the sketchbook as a 'brain book' for ideas, random ideas and when I am stuck for ideas I now really see the value of my sketchbooks. Ellie Thomson – Knox Academy.

So, if you're needing some guidance and to really understand how to make the most of your sketchbooks please download our 'Sketchbook Development' eCourse. You can also download a preview before you make your decision.



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