12 Jun 2015
art portfolio
What do you need to include in your folio?

What do you need to include in your folio?

That is the million dollar question! But the answer I am afraid, cannot be concrete, defining nor is it a tick list. This is because a successful portfolio gives the viewer some insight into the person who created it – and we are all different individuals, yes?

Your portfolio needs to demonstrate creative thinking, drawing skills and a variety of other media and ideas. You will find various websites telling you similar information, however our reason for establishing Portfolio Oomph is that nowhere online tells you HOW to do this. With our experience of interviewing students for art college also preparing students for art college, our advice and reputation for success is second to none.

It is essential that the creative process is evident. By this we mean showing your research, your exploration and interrogation and your final outcomes.

Your portfolio can show that you’re a committed student in developing your own personal ideas or that you are a student that is just going through the motions, ticking the boxes so to speak; which would you rather be? Which do you think is destined for success?

Read our eBook ‘Creating a sensational portfolio’ for more information. You can also download a preview before you make your decision.



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