19 Jun 2018
Glasgow School of Art fire
Glasgow School of Art fire – again

First of all we wanted to write about the events over the weekend – Glasgow School of Art fire. The affects on the Glasgow community, Glasgow School of Art (GSA) students, staff, past and present, have rippled through the creative communities throughout Scotland and beyond. Consequently, to anyone in the world who has an interest also connection to the arts, culture and architecture.

Glasgow School of Art fire

If you're reading this post, you've probably heard about the devastating news of another fire at Glasgow School of Art. Yet the last fire only being 2014. As a result the remedial work being done to the Mackintosh Building ('The Mack') was almost complete. Therefore, the building was due to open again next year, 2019.

It seems like many of you will have visited the building, others will have studied there. Probably all of you will have an emotional connection if you have set foot in the building. The building holds a sense of history quite unlike anywhere else; the beautiful interior, the light and finally the creativity.

GSA is the destination for many of our past  students. And most noteworthy, we will work with many more who will strive to be accepted to this prestigious institution.The Glasgow School of Art fire is especially relevant and although I haven't studied there, I have given lectures there. The fact that students were celebrating their graduation as the fire started, consequently will have put a huge dampener on their experience.

What is the future for Glasgow School of Art after this fire?

The debate will take months over how there could be another Glasgow School of Art fire. However, my concern is what now? If the event that the money is available does it get rebuilt, the same? With this in mind, if it's rebuilt will it just a copy therefore having none of the history and character it previously held? Consequently, conversations I'm hearing in creative communities are around would Mackintosh have wanted it to be rebuilt? Given that it would be a copy of the original, would he have wanted something else to replace it, more in line with contemporary design today? In addition, read more about the Glasgow School of Art fire. 

Also you can read more here to see a bit about the history of the Mack over the past years. 

In the meantime, we wanted this post to be a celebration of the building. After all we don't want to focus on the terrible imagery of the past 4 years. And thankfully no-one in each incident was hurt. in either incident, we hope that time will heal.

Furthermore, please view this wonderful archive The Mac Photographic Archive. This arhcive beautifully documents the building's wonderful space and character.

Tell us about Glasgow School of Art

Also, please leave us your thoughts and experiences of the Glasgow School of Art.

Finally © all photos and credits: Natalia Poniatowska

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