13 Jun 2015
How do you arrange a folio / digital folio review?
art portfolio preparation

Art portfolio preparation reviews. Please contact me immediately once you know your application requires a digital portfolio submission. Contact me from the contact page or by phone 07815 810797.

This is a very busy time of year for Portfolio Oomph and I have limited time resources. Glasgow School of Art and Edinburgh College of Art digital portfolio submission dates are mid January. Therefore you need to ensure you contact me in early December prior.

Please contact me at least 2 weeks before your interview if you wish to organise an art portfolio preparation review. This is to ensure availability but also to enable you to action points discussed.

Portfolio Oomph does not offer refunds on any of its products or services. Portfolio Oomph offers you the best possible chance of creating a portfolio that will secure you a place at art college. However I cannot guarantee that by using my learning materials/mentoring services that you will be accepted to art college. The website, content and all mentoring services offer support to aid your application, not a passport to a place.

(Please read my terms and conditions).


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