Portfolio reviews
arts college application

Priced at £260, these are practical 2 hour, hands-on, arts college application sessions to review your portfolio for preparing your digital. These portfolio reviews are also essential prior to interview, to select and present your work at its best. 

Julie Read is an expert in portfolio preparation for all arts courses. Sessions are designed to select pieces from your sketchbooks and folio demonstrating a clear transition through the creative process. The reviews take place from early December. This enables you to gauge where you are with your work and if there are gaps that need filled. Thus giving you time to fill these gaps and make your best possible portfolio. Your digital portfolio may be the first ’round’ of the selection process. Then depending on the quality of this submission you may or may not be invited to interview. You can see it’s crucial to get it right.

Whist we look at your work, you’ll also be talking about it. This will give you the skills and confidence to ensure that you represent yourself to your best ability. We’ll identify the strengths and weaknesses in your folio. Therefore you’ll learn how to talk about it ALL positively at interview.

Whether you’re struggling to edit or organise your work, or maybe you just want a second opinion on your work then this session will get you off on the right foot!


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