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Get the basics in order to avoid rejection


The FOLIO FOUNDATIONS builds the foundations and fundamentals of putting together a show-stopping portfolio and rock-solid application.


It is unique in it’s approach and model – with me there to help and support you with my world class guidance…..


In the past 8 years I’ve worked as a private art tutor assisting 84 students to gain 162 places for art and design courses at over 48 institutions around the UK and abroad.


And the 2 reasons why most students who fail are:


  1. they start too late
  2. they don’t get their sketchbooks and ideas working to show their thinking
Julie Read

And you know it’s pretty competitive out there, some University’s Art and Design courses have 6000:280 (1:22) ratio of application to places!


This can feel quite demoralising – but I can help change this. It takes careful guidance to enable you to see the opportunities in your ideas, interests and experiences – I can help you to do this.


It is perfect to have gone through this course BEFORE August/September when the academic year swings around and there’s no time for “learning how to…” stuff!


Imagine if you could:

1. Feel confident that what you are doing to create this individual portfolio IS what the Colleges/Unis want to see – no more guess work.


2. Not be too self critical and have some fun with your materials, play with your ideas and produce work that is exploratory, individual and therefore fills  sketchbooks with ease.


3. See possibilities in everything around you to inspire your creative portfolio.


Most students crack on in August/September and follow the curriculum to the tee – as you would expect.


However, there are a small number of people who are really rocking the boat – doing their own thing, well before this.


And it’s these students who will win the places at the REALLY competitive courses where there’s only 12 places for example.


Who is this course for?

It’s for YOU if you’re starting out and just need a really firm grounding in the basics of a strong portfolio. If you’re committed to achieving success in getting into an Undergraduate or Postgraduate art or design course in the UK.


You must be self motivated to actually take action! But we’ll have plenty of demonstrations, instructions and tutorials for you to follow.


So get ready to save:

  1. 100s of hours of YOUR time
  2. Bucket loads of YOUR (emotional) energy – and probably your parents’ too, lol!

Introducing Folio Foundations - 13 VIDEOS TO GET DOWN TO BASICS

This newly designed course replicates exactly how I work with my face to face mentoring students who have gone on to success and available to you remotely.


Work with me to:


1. Get started immediately and take the mystery away from what this elusive portfolio should be – action takers are rewarded with offers.


2. Find straightforward ways, from a no nonsense set of video trainings, to find inspiration everywhere around you.


3. Intuitively use your sketchbooks to work in and not to worry about whether something works out or not – initially. No more struggling or waiting to get inspired – it’s about action taking.


4. Be supported through the difficult early stages of understanding about a portfolio and be guided to reach your full potential.


5. See some successful student portfolios and explanations on WHY these have been successful.

£297 single payment

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Folio Foundations

I’d love to work with you and help you smash it!


tick 13 videos released over 20 days.


tick 100% online so you can study anywhere in the world at a time, pace and place for your own convenience and flexibility


tick Learn the fundamental process behind building content rich and engaging sketchbooks – essential for success.


tick You will learn how to reflect on, analyse and evaluate your work. This fulfils the requirement from the Colleges for a student to possess strong critical judgement skills.


tick Inside Folio Foundations I will bring new perspectives on your ideas and my personal help to realise these


tick Your work will develop in relation to other artists and designers (context). The College’s assess your portfolio on context and you’ll need to demonstrate you are aware of other relevant CONTEMPORARY artists/designers.

**And if that wasn't exciting enough, I have 2 bonuses!**

tick private Facebook support group where aside from meeting other like-minded people/creative friends, it will boost morale and build motivation with our expert advice at your fingertips. It’ll keep you on track ensuring it’s not just a course you’ve bought and done nothing with. You’ll be able to support each other as you interview for your first choice college and celebrate your successes together.


tick exclusive access to my video presentation “Drawing – keeping it current” that was commissioned for The Art of Education. This will challenge your views on drawing and how you can embed it in your creative practice to produce that knockout portfolio.


Can I buy now study later? 

Yes. The videos are released every other day to you by email. You can study them now or later, in your own time.


What materials / equipment do I need?

The very first video that is sent to you lists the materials you will need. There is nothing unusual to buy, most of it you will probably already have. You will need access to a computer and printer to make the most of the research and sketchbook videos.

How much drawing is in the course?

There are not tutorials on how to draw representationally. There is the assumption that you can draw well. If you’re studying art at school then drawing will be a good part of your course. There is however an approach to drawing that expands you views, materials and processes in drawing and many other techniques.


What if I start the course and realise it’s not for me? 

If you purchase FOLIO FOUNDATIONS then you may, within 7 days of purchase have a full refund if you have fully implemented and worked methodically through the exercises in the Program in all material respects but you are not satisfied that the Program is as represented to you on my Site at the time of your purchase.


In which case, please send an email to and I will give you a full refund and make any refund due to you as soon as possible and in any event within 30 days. Please see in full my terms and conditions.


I will refund you on the credit card or debit card used by you to pay.

More questions? Call me on 07815 810797 or email

£297 single payment

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Folio Foundations