28 Jun 2017
Marc Quinn artist
Engaging and trusting in the creative process

How easy do you find it not to be sure about something you do?

We've had another REALLY inspiring mentoring session this afternoon with a student who's exploring portraiture in the widest sense. The journey that is being undertaken is huge and it's so good to see when a student is trusting in the creative process. This really energizes ME and that should be how YOU feel when you're really into your work!

These 3 themes below, that are intrinsic to creativity, are coming up each and every week, in varying amounts. It's quite uncomfortable to be working in these realms but essential to get the most from your creative self. 

When we are being creative and learning more about developing our creativity, we are learning many skills that you would be very surprised about – and how valuable they are in the employment world.

EXPLORING AND INVESTIGATING – How willing are you to try out new and different techniques?

TOLERATING UNCERTAINTY – How easy do you find it not to be sure about something you do?

STICKING WITH DIFFICULTY – How well do you stick at something when you are finding it difficult?

The degree shows have inspired this student heaps – so if you missed them this year, be sure to get to see them next year. Some of the Masters Degree Shows happen towards the end of the summer at some of the Colleges, so keep your eyes open for these too, as they are just as useful.

These themes are also the crux of how you'll be exploring ideas in our PLAN CREATE SUCCEED, our Online Mentoring Programme. Find out more today or drop us an email if you've any questions.

One artist to look at today – Marc Quinn.

Marc Quinn artist



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