22 Jul 2015
how to make an art portfolio for university
Ebook creating a sensational portfolio – £19.99

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Wondering how to make an art portfolio for university?

'Creating a sentational portfolio' eBook will enable you to:

>> find inspiration around you that will be the catalyst for some exciting exploration.

>> how to make an art portfolio for university memorable. The Colleges want to see something that sets you apart from the rest.

>> identify the different elements of the creative process that are evident in your portfolio. This is because this is the criteria that the Colleges assess your portfolio against.

>> when you're learning how to make an art portfolio for university you need to show your individuality. We show you how.

>> develop strong research skills in your sketchbooks. The Colleges want to know that you're inquisitive and that you can research and explore ideas with rigour.

>> demonstrate your knowledge of contemporary artists and designers. This fulfils the Colleges assessment criteria of contextual awareness.

>> present your ideas and portfolio in a concise manner. You need to show the Colleges how you've worked through the creative process in a number of projects. This helps to fulfil their assessment criteria.

>> learn how to present your own critical judgment of your work. This demonstrates how you can improve your work. Also how you've made the decisions that have led to your outcomes.

This 23 page eBook explores the 4 essential elements of how to make an art portfolio for university. Including the creative process that any art college is seeking.

This book is best bought at the beginning of the academic year in which you wish to apply. This is when the majority of your art portfolio will be created. Many of our other eBooks and eCourses reference this eBook. So as a guide I would recommend that you start off with this one. Please explore our other publications in conjunction with this eBook. You'll then be well on your way to discovering how to prepare a portfolio for art school. Art college is beckoning – here we come!

We provide many ideas about how to prepare a portfolio for art school. We show some visual examples of some of the areas that we discuss in the book. However this is purely to give you some ideas and possibilities. This is not a template to work to or is it saying ‘this is what your work should look like’.

View our Pinterest board for this eBook. It is devoted to inspirational artists and designers work where you can view all the images discussed.

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22 Jul 2015
art portfolio for college
Ecourse Drawing skills exploration – £24.99

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Studying this eCourse to build your art portfolio for college will help you to:

>> explore a range of materials confidently

>> identify exciting subjects to draw from

>> demonstrate your knowledge of contemporary artists and designers using drawing

>> begin to develop your own style/visual language

This 36 page eCourse covers practical exercises and drawing techniques for your art portfolio for college.

It will enable you to plan, research and translate ideas through observational drawing for your art portfolio for college. It also enables you to be resourceful and effective in the creative uses of a range of drawing techniques, materials and processes.

We talked preciously about Ed Sheeran having to produce quantity you get the quality that you need to be able to select the good stuff.

Imagine you only produce 6 drawings for your portfolio. You might find you pretty much have to include all those 6 to get enough – and then you'll be including work that perhaps isn't your best. But imagine if you have 50 drawings, you can choose the really best work and leave out probably at least 40 of those drawings.

You HAVE to produce more work than you think you'll need for a really strong portfolio and this eCourse guides you through this.

With different drawing techniques and skills you can respond with a range of materials to anything you see or imagine. This is done usually but not always, in a 2 dimensional fashion.

We recommend that you use this eCourse in building your art portfolio for college in conjunction with our eBook ‘Creating a sensational portfolio’. This eBook covers the 4 essential elements of your art portfolio and the creative process that any art college will be looking for. We also offer many ideas about what you can draw as the skill is not only in being ABLE to draw but in the selection of the subject/idea.

As ever we have a Pinterest board devoted to drawing techniques where you can view all the images discussed in this course.

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22 Jul 2015
art sketchbook ideas
Ecourse sketchbook development – £24.99

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Studying this eCourse on art sketchbook ideas will help you to:

>> feel confident that the colleges that you've applied to will find the creative process demonstrated in your sketchbooks

>> learn how your sketchbooks play a vital role in the selection process for art college

>> explore and create sketchbooks that are individual to you

>> learn strong research skills in a number of areas relevant to your art sketchbook ideas

>> show knowledge of contemporary artists and designers relevant to your subject specialism

>> present your ideas in a concise manner

>> learn how to present your own critical judgement of your work

Sketchbooks in my eyes are the jewels in the portfolio. They give a glimpse into who you are, how you see the world and they provide information about your thinking and creative processes. They're not presentation books of great work, they will have 'bad' pages and things in it that don't work out. But this is the purpose, to show your experimentation and risk taking – 2 important characteristics of a creative individual. 

We recommend that you buy this with the eBook ‘Creating a sensational portfolio’ to ensure that you are exploring your full potential.

This 34 page eCourse is based on the successful face to face course that we have run for many years.

"One of the most useful things I learnt from Portfolio Oomph was in terms of developing sketchbooks and really learning how to work in a sketchbook.

Having someone to really just talk through my ideas with. Because sometimes I would become confused and a bit lost on my project.

Having that guidance and support from someone who knows about the process and who knows how hard it is to get into art college was key" – Ellie Thomson (fashion student, ECA)

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22 Jul 2015
art personal statement
Ebook Writing your personal statement – £11.99

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Studying this eBook on your art personal statement will help you to:

>> understand the nature of what the art colleges want to hear about in your art personal statement

>> rule out certain approaches that aren't useful to you

>> write an art personal statement that makes the interviewers sit up and listen

>> write in a clear and succinct manner

>> ensure your statement is relevant and appropriate for the subject specialism you are applying for

>> shine above the rest

In your art and design personal statement you’ll need to demonstrate your enthusiasm and commitment for your creative practice. Keeping it current and relevant is essential as you only get 4000 characters, you need to make them all count. You need to use concise and effective writing skills to communicate your message.

But above all, ensure that you are standing out from the crowd – which you do, right?

Use your art personal statement to give the colleges an idea of:

>> who you are

>> what your interests are in the world

>> who and what you are inspired by

>> how motivated an individual you are as an individual – remember the colleges are assessing your potential to a degree

Don’t leave writing your personal statement to the last minute, you can start it in September if you wish. This then gives you time to reflect on it and refine it to be its strongest. Get someone else to read it and ensure you’ve included all that is relevant.

This 8 page eBook covers 3 great ideas for something different to write that will show your ingenuity and your potential in art. It has do’s and don’ts of writing statements, compiled by an art tutor who has read, deliberated, cogitated and digested 100’s of personal statements, good and bad!

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22 Jul 2015
art college interview
Ebook How to blow them away at interview – £11.50

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Studying this eBook about your art college interview will help you to:

>> build your confidence in talking about your work adding to what you might already have written in your art personal statement

>> understand why an interview is an essential part of the selection process

>> see some examples of the kinds of questions that you might be asked

>> think about how you could answer questions with confidence in relation to the work that you have presented

>> realise that you are an individual who they have an interest in and how you can exploit that

>> combat your nerves and cope on the day!

>> prepare practically for the interview

>> reflect positively on the your experience

>> prepare some questions for you to ask them – it's a 2 way process and you want to be happy you're going to the right college as much as they want the best candidate!

Now, what great pieces of advice do we have for your art college interview? Well, a lot of it is actually common sense, so why do I need to make an eBook you might ask? Well, because even though it’s common sense, I have seen these big mistakes happening time and time again and it’s just not necessary.

This 11 page eBook covers lots of possible art college interview questions with suggestions for your answers.

It also covers questions that you can ask them and lots of really useful advice compiled by a tutor who has interviewed 100’s of students for art college.

Don’t just think about the actual interview, what do you need to do to prepare, in the days beforehand, also what can you do during and after your art interview to help you?

We recommend that to get the most out of this eBook that you buy it at least 2 weeks in advance of your interview. Good luck and we hope you even manage to enjoy it.

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22 Jul 2015
what to put in a portfolio for art college
Ebook How to present and mount your work £13.50

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Studying this eBook on what to put in a portfolio for art college will help you to:

>> realise the importance of taking good care of your work

>> understand how important getting it right is to your success

>> make the most out of your portfolio and the hard work you've put in so far

>> feel confident in interview that you've got a well presented portfolio

So, you’re off to interview and you need some help with what to put in a portfolio for art college to get it looking amazing.

Why? Because you’re going to get a place at the college of your dreams – yes! Good. Positive thinking we like.

It's no good having a portfolio full of work and making poor choices of what to include and how to present it. Mounting your work well can make a weak portfolio look much stronger. Equally, mounting a great portfolio poorly can really bring it down.

If you mount and present your work well it demonstrates that you're taking a pride in your work and in turn, are serious about your application.

Our 16 page eBook of what to put in a portfolio for art college, with great visual examples prepares you well for making of most of your work and mounting you art portfolio. It covers: taking good care of your work – we’re talking ongoing ‘housekeeping’ to keep your work looking great. Mounting and presenting 2D work – here we will discuss the practical elements of mounting your work. Mounting and presenting irregular shaped work. Mounting and presenting textile or relief (thick) work and presenting 3D or installation works and presenting digital works.

This book is a must if you care that your fantastic work for your art college portfolio is shown at its best.

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22 Jul 2015
digital portfolio for university
Ebook digital portfolio – £19.99

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Studying this eBook for creating your digital portfolio for university will help you to:

>> understand what's needed from your digital portfolio for university to win that interview and place.

>> understand how you can get the most from your digital portfolio.

>> plan which work fits into each category of research, development, context and final.

>> scan and photograph your work effectively for best results.

>> arrange your work in composite images to show as much work as you can do.

Portfolio Oomph has many years experience preparing and collating successful digital portfolios for university and art college applications!

This 21 page eBook guides you through the process of scanning and photographing your work.  We also cover compiling it into the required format for the college of your choice. Each college/uni are asking for the digital portfolios to be submitted in varying formats. Therefore, getting guidance is essential for success.

We have a template that you can print off to organise your work on paper. This is recommended before you even start trying to put the images together. It ensures you have enough images in each section of research/development, context/influences and final pieces. Also that the work is in the correct category showing a methodical process.

Technical issues are covered as different colleges require different size images, both in pixels and memory. Key, is getting the images in your digital portfolio to be of a good quality. More importantly, also within the restrictions of memory size. We use an image editing software that you can all download for free for one month whilst preparing your digital portfolio for university.

If you don't know your paintbrush from your pixels then this eBook is definately for you! It will get you off on the right foot.

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22 Jul 2015
arts degree subjects
Ebook deciding which subject to study – £9.50

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Studying this eBook will help you to:

>> understand the differences between fine art and design and other arts degree subjects.

>> understand the day to day activities in such disciplines/careers.

>> question how you like to work – self motivated or client motivated.

>> realise the simliarities between some subject areas.

Portfolio Oomph is based in Scotland and the system here is that you apply straight from school for a 4 year degree at art college. In previous years the first year used to be a general course, similar to a foundation course. However, most colleges now require that you choose between Fine Art and Design and some are asking for a specific subject. Therefore, they want you to apply for your specialist arts degree subjects right from the off!

This can be a huge obstacle in getting into art school. It’s quite a difficult decision to make at this stage in your education. Especially if you’ve not been exposed to many of the subjects on offer.

But sometimes, even after doing an art foundation course you might still feel it’s difficult to decide which arts degree subjects to apply for.

Our 5 page eBook helps you to iron out a few issues. It also gives you some points to consider whilst doing your research and making that decision.

It’s also worth checking out our careers page. At the bottom are some great links to descriptions of careers in the creative industries. These are sure to help you.

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22 Jul 2015
best art schools in the world
Ebook Choosing the right art college for you – £9.50

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Studying this eBook will help you to explore the best art schools in the world and:

>> establish what sets one art college out from another

>> what ranks highly on your personal list of attributes when choosing a place to study

>> decide which art colleges are worth going to their open days

>> understand the bigger picture of getting into art college trust your instincts

>> establish that one art subject at one institution might be quite different at another institution

What does art college mean to you? Amongst many things for me it included having an adventure and leaving home. And when considering some the best art schools in the world, I had many questions I needed answered.

This is one of the exciting parts of getting into art college! But of course some of you will have limitations such as finances where this means you’ll be studying at art college close to home. In this case your choice is possibly made for you.

But if you are lucky enough to be able to study at art college anywhere in the country or even abroad then there are many things that could influence your decision.

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22 Jul 2015
art college rejection letter
Ebook what to do if you don’t get in – FREE

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Studying this book following your art college rejection letter will help you to:

>> see the situation objectively.
>> reflect on your application process.
>> establish your motivations and if you want to re-apply.
>> make a positive action plan.
>> have the confidence to re-apply if that’s what you want.

Pat yourself on the back for applying, creating and presenting your art portfolio. Also, for attending what must seem like quite a daunting task – the art college interview.

It might not seem like it now, but it is good experience. Some schools have this thing about ‘there are no losers – everyone’s a winner’. But that’s just not true and you’ll be finding this out for yourself right now. Life is competitive and no-one is going to hand anything to you on a plate just for trying. Therefore, this is just the beginning.

So in a way, my previous question of what are you going to do is quite important. What ARE you going to do? I didn’t get into art college first time around and I was gutted. Luckily I had very supportive parents and some great tutors who helped me pick up the pieces. This gave me the courage to apply again. After art college I went on to teach and this eBook was written and compiled by a tutor who has interviewed 100’s of students at Edinburgh College of Art.

This short 5 page eBook covers practical advice on what you should do if you’ve received that college rejection letter. Also how to go about applying to art college again. We recommend that to get the most out of this eBook that you download it as soon as you hear that you’ve not been accepted at art college.

Download Now FREE!


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