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how to make an art portfolio

Are you a creative person and wondering how to make an art portfolio for college or university?

Have you trawled the art college and university websites for information but still can’t figure out what they are asking for in your portfolio submission?

You’ve probably been to open days and seen examples of successful portfolios etc. and felt quite fired up and excited to get started but then you return home and a day or 2 later, feel stuck again, not knowing really how to start. This can feel quite demoralising – but we can help change this.

Let us guide you with his knowledge, 9 years teaching at Edinburgh College of Art and assessing entrance portfolios and 17 years experience successfully preparing students and their art college portfolios.

Creating a sensational portfolio

Studying this book will enable you to:

  • find inspiration around you that will be the catalyst for some exciting exploration
  • create a memorable portfolio because the Colleges want to see something that sets you apart from the rest
  • identify the different elements of the creative process that is evident in your portfolio, because this is the criteria that the Colleges assess your portfolio against
  • create a portfolio that is individual to you, as this speak volumes about you and your potential
  • develop strong research skills – the Colleges want to know that you're inquisitive and that you can research and explore ideas with rigour
  • demonstrate your knowledge of contemporary artists and designers which fulfils the Colleges assessment criteria of contextual awareness
  • present your ideas and portfolio in a concise manner. You need to show the Colleges how you've worked through the creative process in a number of projects to fulfil their assessment criteria
  • learn how to present your own critical judgment of your work which demonstrates how you can improve your work and how you've made the decisions that have led to your outcomes

This book is best bought at the beginning of the academic year in which you wish to apply to art school when the majority of your art portfolio will be created. Many of our other eBooks and eCourses reference this eBook so as a guide I would recommend that you start off with this one. If you explore our other publications in conjunction with this eBook you really are well on your way to discovering how to prepare a portfolio for art school. Art college is beckoning – here we come!

This 23 page eBook looks at the 4 essential elements of your art portfolio and the creative process that any art college will be looking for.

We provide many ideas about how to prepare a portfolio for art school. We’ll also guide you to further information from the Portfolio Oomph website in the form of eCourses and other useful links. We show some visual examples of some of the areas that we discuss but this is purely to give you some ideas and possibilities, not as a template to work to or by any means saying ‘this is what your work should look like’.

We have a Pinterest board devoted to inspirational artists and designers work where you can view all the images discussed in this course.

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