26 Sep 2016
Digital portfolio for art college FREE guide

If you're starting to research about the Colleges and maybe you've even been to some Open Days you'll be realising that some art colleges/unis are asking to see a digital portfolio.

So, we've created a FREE 15 minute guide to get you started. Also, for the first time we are offering a digital portfolio package where we will compile your digital portfolio for you (with your input as it is YOURS essentially). No this is not cheating, you've created the work. Some schools have the skills and resources to do this themselves (but teachers often spend their evenings and weekends doing this as otherwise it won't get done).

I speak to many school pupils who are not sure about what to include in their art college digital portfolio or how to go about creating it. Is this you?

Some pupils get good advice and support from their teachers, others don't and this can be really frustrating. This also might seem quite early to be thinking about your digital portfolio for a January deadline but believe me, Christmas will be upon us before we know it and you need to start then!

Did you know that the requirements from each college/uni for your digital portfolio can vary immensely – both in quantity of images requested but the format of how they want to see your images. File types and sizes are important as if this is not correct then your uploaded images will be rejected.

So, we've created a short FREE 15 minute guide that gives you our top tips for getting your work digitised and  on how to get all this set up today. Knowledge is power and we want you to benefit from our experience of this process as we compile many digital portfolios for students each year. This guide will help break the myriad of confusing info out there so you can get started quickly.

Get started today: download this FREE 15 minute guide now, take 15 minutes to implement what you learn, and you're ready to rock and roll! Then, get excited… it will rock your world! [link]

So your research is key to getting it right. You also need to be pretty good with your pixels and your megabytes as there are a few technical details you will need to be able to control which relate to file size and on screen size. As Edinburgh College of Art (ECA) now select from your digital portfolio it is ESSENTIAL that you get this right – first time preferably!

If you can't find your way around digitising your folio then you can make a cracking portfolio look pretty bland or not even reach the correct criteria for assessment. You can also, if you DO have the right skills, make a pretty mediocre, sparse portfolio look pretty hot. In this sense I think ECA are missing a trick by using this as their only selection process, however I do understand that it is pretty much the only way to deal with the thousands of applications that they receive each year.

But if the very thought of getting this done alone is bringing you out in a cold sweat then please do get in touch. Take a look at our Folio reviews page and see how we can help you, take the strain and let you concentrate on being the artist/designer and being creative.


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