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29 Dec 2017
Royal Conservatoire of Scotland
Royal Conservatoire of Scotland: Production Art and Design – Set and costume design

We received a really insightful email recently from a parent of one of our students from last year, who is now studying on the Production Art and Design – Set and costume design course at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland.

This was the first student that we'd worked with who had applied to the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland so it was new to us as well as this student and her parents.


4 Oct 2017
Getting dates and procedures in order

Use our chart to check what's required and when.

We had a couple of great evening seminars over the past couple of weeks, one at Stills Gallery and one at Dundee Contemporary Arts. The general feedback was that there is SO much to consider between the Colleges with different requirements, procedures, dates etc.  (more…)

26 Sep 2016
Digital portfolio for art college FREE guide

If you're starting to research about the Colleges and maybe you've even been to some Open Days you'll be realising that some art colleges/unis are asking to see a digital portfolio.

So, we've created a FREE 15 minute guide to get you started. Also, for the first time we are offering a digital portfolio package where we will compile your digital portfolio for you (with your input as it is YOURS essentially). No this is not cheating, you've created the work. Some schools have the skills and resources to do this themselves (but teachers often spend their evenings and weekends doing this as otherwise it won't get done). (more…)

26 Sep 2016
art and design portfolio advice
Art and design portfolio advice

We had a lovely 2 evenings in the last couple of weeks. One at Dundee Contemporary Arts in Dundee and one at Stills Gallery in Edinburgh, preparing many pupils for the process of getting their art college applications and folios planned and organised. Thanks to everyone for attending to make it such an enjoyable evening.

Generally the feedback was very good. However, I am a little concerned that feedback from a number of students there is this need to know 'how to do it' and what successful portfolios look like. I know this is reassuring and gives you ideas but it's important that you know that there is no 'correct way to do it', it is personal to you and you just need to get started.


1 Sep 2016
Queen Margaret University - Costume Design and Construction
Queen Margaret University – Costume Design and Construction

Yesterday we visited the Queen Margaret University (QMU) – Costume Design and Construction and I feel so compelled to write about it as it was so inspiring.

My visit was prompted by having a mentoring student this year who is applying to Performance Costume Design this year. We had one student last year who is about to embark on first year at QMU and we also worked with a student last year who is now studying the HND Costume for Stage and Screen at Edinburgh College. (more…)

10 Feb 2016
art portfolio masterclass 2016
Editing, organising and mounting your art college portfolio with mock interview

When you’ve worked on your art college portfolio for 5 months it can be quite difficult to get some perspective and clarity to bring it all together for interview. When you know your work inside out getting a fresh pair of eyes on your work and a mock interview can really consolidate your application.

This practical, hands-on session from expert in portfolio preparation Julie Read from Portfolio Oomph  is designed for anyone who is applying to art college and is in the process of finalising their portfolio for interview.


18 Jan 2016
art school portfolio
Start planning your folio NOW!

We nearly called this blog post 'time management and planning' but then we realised that no-one would probably read it; me included if I am to be honest!

However, I am compelled to write this because of 3 situations with our mentoring that have arisen in the past 4 weeks. Whether you are reading this as we've published this in January or if you're reading it in June whilst you're on your summer break, the message remains the same. START PLANNING YOUR FOLIO NOW! As soon as you know you want to apply to art college take that as the day you start planning.


26 Jun 2015
5 mistakes in an art college portfolio
5 mistakes in art college applications

There are many elements to consider when you start planning how to make an art portfolio for college or university. However, there are some common mistakes that are made when preparing an art college application (via UCAS or any other admissions process) and we aim to address some of these issues here.


8 Jan 2015
Digital portfolio mini portfolio
Creating your digital portfolio

We are thrilled to be able to guide you through creating your digital portfolio for university with our eBook with bonus video tutorial, that takes you step by step through the process of creating your art college digital portfolio. Not all students will be needing this as not all colleges require a digital portfolio. However, if you are applying to Edinburgh College of Art, Glasgow School of Art, Manchester University, Newcastle University, Goldsmiths, UWE and others please read on.


3 Nov 2014
UCAS word count
UCAS personal statement word limit

We had a meeting with a mentee last night and something we discussed was her UCAS art personal statement. Now you all know the ucas personal statement word limit, line space etc. so every word counts. Particularly if you're in the lucky position of having lots to say. If you're struggling for things to say then first of all download our eBook 'Writing your personal statement'! (more…)


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