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5 Oct 2017
Are you still working from photos?
Are you still working from photos?

Why it's good to get out of this habit

I know you're probably thinking that it's easier to work from photos and it might be much more convenient too. However, a testimonial that we received the other week from a student's Mum said:

"Before Portfolio Oomph came into our lives Emily was happy drawing, painting but she was not creating. She clearly had the skills but was copying from photos, paintings etc. Although her teachers were very encouraging they weren’t helping her think for herself." (more…)

27 Sep 2017
Newtongrange Primary School visit to Jupiter Artland
Jupiter Artland visit for Newtongrange Primary P5

Yesterday was a fabulous day.

We saw the first 2 classes from Newtongrange Primary School, where our daughter attends, visit Jupiter Artland Foundation to engage in their hands on education programme. I have to say that I am absolutely thrilled for every child at Newtongrange as it's a magical place! We had a fabulous first day and the quality of the workshop was outstanding.


9 Feb 2017
Jupiter Artland for schools
Newtongrange Primary School receives funding for a whole school trip to Jupiter Artland.

We received some great news this week on a personal but related venture. Newtongrange Primary School Parent Council (our daughter's school) is to receive full funding from the Coalfields Regeneration Trust Participatory Budget, to enable all its pupils to attend an educational day at Jupiter Artland.

The Coalfields Regeneration Trust (CRT) is a regeneration organisation dedicated to improving the quality of life in Britain’s former mining communities. Newtongrange recently took part in a Fun Day to report back on the findings of their local household survey. This gave the 300 people who attended the event the opportunity to vote for local projects, Jupiter Artland being one.


3 Aug 2016
The Art of Education
The Art of Education guest blogging

We were delighted to be invited to write for the huge american art teachers support website, The Art of Education on all aspects of creating a portfolio for art college. We were very pleased that they were some of their most popular posts, generating close to 200 shares on Facebook and over 400 likes!

We were posed a list of questions by Art of Education senior editor Amanda Heyn and they really got us fired up……


11 Jan 2016
portfolio prepartion course
Portfolio preparation course at the National Galleries of Scotland

The October break is a great time to really start focusing on your art college application and your art college ideas. You've had time to settle back into school and hopefully get into a project or 2 in the art department.

Last year we ran a portfolio preparation course at the National Galleries in Edinburgh – based at the Scottish National Portrait Gallery.


20 Jan 2014
art school sketchbook ideas
Taking risks with your work

Starting a new piece of work or on a new idea can be quite daunting. There is always the pressure that it must be a good piece, particularly if it is for an exam or for your portfolio in application for art college. This doesn't leave much room or time for experimental art.

From experience we know very well what works and what perhaps doesn't work so well and we often stick to this set of rules. (more…)

19 Apr 2013
art portfolio tips
Portfolio development tips

Portfolio development tips!

Here at Portfolio Oomph we are totally committed to helping you with your portfolio and all our products are shown below. We also show how our products work together to making applying to art college as straightforward and painless as possible!

We've spent a lot of time researching what help there is currently out there online for potential art students like yourselves. We've done searches for 'portfolio development tips', 'art college portfolio', 'interview advice for art college' and many, many other scenarios. I think the answer is clear; not much. That is why we have developed Portfolio Oomph.


8 Apr 2013
library research
Library research resources

I've been a little bit side tracked of late with events in our village which is slightly off the point of Portfolio Oomph but the more I think about it, the more I believe it's all related – library research.

We have a great little library in the village that we frequent each week with our daughter, sometimes twice weekly for her to exchange her books, chat to the librarians and meet up with other little people who she goes to nursery with. She really loves the library and now they have a coffee making machine that has hot chocolate it really is her favourite place!!


1 Mar 2013
Random International Rain Room - Barbican Centre
Random International – Rain Room

I am so pleased to have seen this installation art piece earlier this week – Random International – Rain Room at the Barbican Centre in London. The video footage from the installation art in the interview at the bottom of this post is just stunning and I was a little disappointed to have missed the last dance performance of the exhibition that day before I was due to go down. I've been enjoying contemporary dance for years now and haven't really been to see any since our daughter was born nearly 5 years ago, so this was a shame.


20 Feb 2013
Tree of life - Terrance Malick
Terrence Malick’s ‘Tree of Life’ film

I've been very inspired by film and video art in its various guises recently.

One being Terrence Malick's 'Tree of Life' film with fascinating creative cinematography. Quite a tragic story involving the death of a young boy and his parent's coming to terms with it. It tracks the relationship of the boy with his parents through childhood. Visually stunning this film is creatively filmed, edited and the sound is superb.



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