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16 Mar 2018
Employability and transferable skills eBook
Art and design employability skills

We've been thinking a lot of about art and design and how it sits in the school curriculum. We hear from some students telling us that art and design is always the subject that suffers if a student has to catch up time with another subject, time is usually asked to be taken from the art studies first. Now why is this? Are the skills learnt in art and design not seen to hold as much value as those in other subjects? Hold on….what skills do art and design teach you anyway?


21 Feb 2018
Dyslexia and Creativity
Creative Dyslexic Network

We're getting very excited about our event on dyslexia and creativity, a new partnership with Dyslexia Scotland – Creative Dyslexic Network.

This event (details below) is being held for Dyslexic creatives who need support forwarding their creative futures and/or generic job searches. (more…)

27 Sep 2017
Newtongrange Primary School visit to Jupiter Artland
Jupiter Artland visit for Newtongrange Primary P5

Yesterday was a fabulous day.

We saw the first 2 classes from Newtongrange Primary School, where our daughter attends, visit Jupiter Artland Foundation to engage in their hands on education programme. I have to say that I am absolutely thrilled for every child at Newtongrange as it's a magical place! We had a fabulous first day and the quality of the workshop was outstanding.


26 Sep 2016
art and design portfolio advice
Art and design portfolio advice

We had a lovely 2 evenings in the last couple of weeks. One at Dundee Contemporary Arts in Dundee and one at Stills Gallery in Edinburgh, preparing many pupils for the process of getting their art college applications and folios planned and organised. Thanks to everyone for attending to make it such an enjoyable evening.

Generally the feedback was very good. However, I am a little concerned that feedback from a number of students there is this need to know 'how to do it' and what successful portfolios look like. I know this is reassuring and gives you ideas but it's important that you know that there is no 'correct way to do it', it is personal to you and you just need to get started.


5 May 2016
Design and expressive arts experiences and outcomes
Design or expressive? Advanced Higher

The topic of this blog post is the differentiation between and expressive and design aspects of the Advanced Higher portfolio. We met with a student last night who we'd first met on one our portfolio preparation courses last year, 2015. When we plan our courses we don't specify that the course is geared towards expressive or design. Our courses all relate to both expressive and design equally, it's how you interpret what you're doing that really makes it relevant to your subject discipline.


18 Jan 2016
art school portfolio
Start planning your folio NOW!

We nearly called this blog post 'time management and planning'. But then we realised that no-one would probably read it; me included if I am to be honest!

However, I am compelled to write this because of 3 situations with our mentoring that have arisen in the past 4 weeks. Whether you are reading this as we've published this in January or if you're reading it in June whilst you're on your summer break, the message remains the same. START PLANNING YOUR FOLIO NOW! As soon as you know you want to apply to art college take that as the day you start planning.


23 Sep 2015
International art college application
International student success at ECA.

Earlier in May, we had a very different enquiry from an International student who was here in Edinburgh studying some short courses to help build a portfolio to apply to Edinburgh College of Art.

From the outset I was impressed by her resourcefulness as not only did she find Portfolio Oomph online, she arrived at our door one Monday morning ready to enroll in our institution. As you may or may not know, we are not an institution, it's just me, Julie Read, working from our home office / studio in Midlothian! (more…)


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