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Stops you in your tracks and kills creativity.

I did a poll in the Facebook Group and by email last week - did you take part?

There were a number of replies and one of the main issues I've discovered that holds you and others back with art portfolio for college application is procrastination. So as promised, I will use these topics to assist you.

It's useful if you can try to get a sense of what it is that's making you delay, procrastinate and take action.

So, you've just finished 5th year at school (here in Scotland) and you've achieved your Highers. So that means that you're possibly qualified for entry for art college in Scotland. Each year, when I have students visit for their mentoring sessions, more often than not they are at school in the 6th year studying for their Advanced Highers. I wanted to write this blog post for those of you who aren't quite at that stage yet, maybe you're in 4th or 5th year. advanced higher art or further education.

Listen to Ed Sheeran about creativity so, we were listening to Ed Sheeran on BBC's Desert Island discs today and what he says about how he writes his songs can so easily be applied to the drawing.

Artists like Ed Sheeran don't bring in two Grammys, four Brit awards, and global success for nothing. He's mastered his creativity and what it takes to produce this success - so I think there's no-one probably better to listen to!

wLast night we attended the John Byrne Awards at the Playfair Library, University of Edinburgh. The John Byrne Awards are quite unusual in that it is focused around values and how young people can express their personal and/or group values through their creative artwork. 


The October break is a great time to really start focusing on your art college application and your art college ideas. You've had time to settle back into school and hopefully get into a project or 2 in the art department.

Last year we ran a portfolio preparation course at the National Galleries in Edinburgh - based at the Scottish National Portrait Gallery.

We had a greatly inspiring workshop over the weekend of Off the Rails Arthouse in Fife. We call the workshop 'Ideas and sketchbook development' and much of what we cover is the sticky issue of getting inspired to make art. Although our main aim is to work with students making applications to art college this goal is not essential to study one of our courses. In fact on this particular workshop we only had one student making an art college application. The other participants were all artists are varying stages and abilities, some having graduated a few years ago, who were all looking to kick start their creativity during a difficult time.