11 Nov 2013
Round the horn artists open studios
Round the horn – artists’ open studios

This Saturday (November 16th) is the artists' open studios event Round the Horn in Kinghorn, Fife and we are planning to go, how about you?

Round the Horn artists' open studios represents a collective of artists, makers, designers and creative folk based in Kinghorn, Fife who regularly open their studios to the public and organise local creative events, exhibitions and workshops.  

One reason we're going is to support our web designer Evie Milo who also runs her business Milomade alongside her web design business Eskymo AND bringing up their wee boy – what a woman!

Artists' open studios events are also a great way to see what is going on creatively in the area that you live in or close to. Many artists and designer/makers open their doors to the public, often from a larger studio complex where there are many working under the same roof. This is more common in bigger cities, but outside of the cities many artists and designer/makers work from home in a studio or room in their house or garden. This makes them very difficult to track down and you probably have no idea how many of these folk are in your community.

We are also planning something of a similar nature for the future here in Newtongrange where Portfolio Oomph is based. We're having our first meeting tonight, just a handful of artists and makers who want to discuss the possibility of having an artists' open studios event.

Round the Horn artists' open studios map

Anyway, back to Round the Horn, get along to these studios and snap up some great presents for Christmas and get to know your local creative community. There is also a fun  Advent Calendar Trail to get to visit everyone and there is a prize in store for one lucky person! Those involved this year are:

Evie Milo (Milomade)
Jewellery, Stationery, Accessories & Decorations


Rose & Andrew Bentley-Steed (Oi! Panda)
Paintings, Cards, Sculpture & Handbound Books


Annie Crow (Daisy Campbell Handmade)
Semi-Precious Jewellery


Gail Cadogan (My Cherry Pie)
Jewellery, Altered Art Signs & Papercrafts


Catherine Lindow
Paintings, Prints, Cards & Homewares


Lynette Gray
Acrylics, Watercolours, Mixed Media & Prints


Douglas Gray
Oils, Watercolours, Mixed Media & Prints


Hilary McGuire (The Dragon’s Den)
Knitting, Crochet, Wools, Yarns and Threads


Louise C Logan


Loraine Walker (Hide & Sleek)
Couture to inspire


With the following visiting artists…
– Ritchie Feenie – Artist –
– Claire Christie – Vintage Textiles –
– Maggie MacDonald – Feltmaker –
– Derek Cadogan – Printmaker –


2 thoughts on “Round the horn – artists’ open studios

  1. Evie Milo

    Thanks for a great write-up! I meant to send you leaflets to distribute to your newly formed ‘group’ but been too ill to muster the energy to sort out sending anything – I have leaflets in envelopes that are addressed, but not added stamps etc – so just thought I’d let you know that every venue has printouts of the leaflet showing the whole trail and prize draw entry form, but also all the shops and the gallery have leaflets too, but if you come straight to mine, you can get the leaflet I was going to send you!


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