22 May 2014
Portfolio Oomph success
Art portfolio advice success for 2014!

Successes with our art portfolio advice from face to face workshops and mentoring for 2014 entry have been a huge achievement for our students but also a huge achievement for us! Our art portfolio advice has helped nearly twice as many students this year than last and the range of courses and colleges is expansive. We're very proud of all of our students this year as ever. And we are sure that the success continues from students who have studied our online materials too (eBooks and eCourses).

All of these successful students have undergone a rigorous selection process based on the strength of their portfolio, with some submitting a pre-selection digital portfolio first. Although some of our students will now need to be weigh up the opportunities at each of the offers that they have, it's a great position to be in to have a number of offers.










Read this article on choosing the right course, hopefully you'll have thought long and hard about where to apply before now though!

If you've yet to apply to art college then do read our eBooks on 'Choosing the right college for you' and 'Deciding which subject to study'.

We'll be catching up with some of these students later on in the year once they've started their course to see how things are going. Keep your eyes peeled on this blog for any updates we have.

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