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Art Foundation Course

Art Foundation Course

Art Foundation Course

It’s that time of year again…

My inbox is filling up with emails from anxious parents.


The first rejections are in!

To say it’s a crushing experience is probably about right.

What’s worse than getting a hard NO?

Here’s a literal ‘copy and paste’ of just one of those emails:

“…Unfortunately things are not going too well. First rejection has been received and she has taken it hard!

I now realise how unprepared her portfolio is and really feel for her.

It’s down to not really knowing what they are looking for I’m afraid.

She still has a looming portfolio/interview at [REMOVED] and has put an application in to [REMOVED] so has to prep her portfolio for that also.

I think we may be requiring you services to enable her to re apply next year…”

This particular parent above came to this realisation after investing in my eBook Bundle.

And after getting in touch, we moved onto a 2 hour folio review before they go ahead with any further applications

Hopefully things will pick up for them.

But this entire situation could’ve been avoided.

And it’s the exact reason why I developed my 20-Day Folio Foundations Course.

This purely builds the foundations and fundamentals of a putting together show-stopping Portfolio and rock-solid application.

Which is perfect to have gone through BEFORE August/September when the academic year swings around and there’s no time for “learning how to…” stuff!

And often enough, there’s no need to do anything else after that!

To learn more about it, click below:

20-Day Folio Foundations Course

Art Foundation Course

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