Art Classes Edinburgh

If you’re looking for art classes in Edinburgh to assist with developing your portfolio, we have a number of options. Our courses are suitable for anyone wanting to explore their creativity. Everything we teach is suitable for all creatives, not just students making an application to art college.

If you live in Scotland we run a number of art classes Edinburgh and the Lothians at various times of the year.

We also have a number of online courses if you're unable to attend courses in Edinburgh. PLAN | CREATE | SUCCEED is a comprehensive online course that takes you through the whole process of appyling to art college/uni. From getting organised and writing your UCAS personal statement to working on 5 challenging projects. We also work with you to prepare and edit your digital portfolio for interview. Our Folio Foundations course does just that.

We also offer mentoring and private art lessons from our base in Midlothian (8 miles from Edinburgh). If you are further afield we can work by Skype, email and telephone.

If you're not in close range of Edinburgh and still need support in developing your art portfolio ideas we can help with our eBooks.

Current workshops

Listed below are all our current workshops with details of how to enroll.

We currently don't have any workshops planned. Please follow us on Facebook to hear immediately of when we next schedule workshops.

We have developed relationships with a number of venues to deliver our art portfolio preparation workshops. These include Tribe Porty, Off the Rails Arthouse in Fife, Poldrate Arts Centre and John Gray Centre in Haddington and the National Galleries of Scotland.

We have a small range of art courses Edinburgh that run from time to time with more being developed. Our most popular course is our Ideas and Sketchbook Development workshop which is based on our art sketchbook ideas eBook.

If you would like to keep in touch with more courses as they become available please sign up for our newsletter at the foot of the page or follow us on .

If you have any questions or would like to chat further about content/suitability please contact us.

art courses edinburgh
Life Drawing

We occasionally run classes in life drawing Edinburgh. Listings below are current classes running.

If you haven't tried life drawing before then I urge you to. There is no necessity for life drawing in an art college portfolio. But it can be useful to show your drawing skills. 

If you know life drawing isn't for you and it's not relevant to the subject you're applying to, then don’t worry. However, it's important to find some other way to demonstrate your strong drawing skills in your portfolio.

If you're a teacher and would like to run life drawing classes at your school we'd love to hear from you to discuss further.


Teachers CPD

We do run, from time to time, Continuing Professional Development (art CPD) workshops for art teachers.

Are you an art teacher and needing an extra bit of Oomph? Either for your own artistic practice or to enhance your teaching? Then keep an eye on this page. Sometimes it's difficult to make time to indulge in creating for ourselves when our jobs and curriculum demand so much.

However a day or weekend course can often revitalise your creative juices. This will in turn feed into your teaching without a doubt.

These are usually by request and can cover a number of topics including Ideas and sketchbook development and Creating a digital portfolio. We can produce a proposal and budget for your needs if you can provide us with an outline. We will endeavour to deliver this at your school where possible.

If you'd like to discuss an art CPD idea with us please do get in touch.  

call us on 07815 810797



Thanks to Portfolio Oomph I got admission in Edinburgh College of Art. A year back I would not have known how to create a portfolio and what universities look for in a promising student. But it was pure and utter luck that we managed to find such an amazing tutor.

With Julie's guidance and teaching I began to realise the process. She made me realise what I was doing wrong and gave me a framework to work from. She gave me space to work on what I was interested in and kept me in the right direction if I was diverting from the subject of my topic. She helped me right down to the minute details.

Thanks Julie you really helped me!

I found the eBook 'Writing your personal statement' really useful. I applied for GSA, ECA, Wimbledon, Newcastle University and Goldsmiths. Having received unconditional offers from Wimbledon, Newcastle University and Goldsmiths I decided to accept Goldsmiths – I move on the 22nd and can't wait!

My friend Beth found out about Portfolio Oomph through me and loved everything you did for her!

We bought your eBook 'Writing your personal statement'. Just to finally let you know that my daughter was offered a place at Central St Martin's and has accepted it and she is absolutely delighted to have had the offer.

I will recommend your website to my friends who have children pursuing a place at Art College.

Thanks again for the crucial part you played in getting her into the college of her dreams!

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