24 Sep 2013
Access Art star
We’ve been awarded an AccessArt Star!

This week we have become one of the first AccessArt Stars!

AccessArt* are awarding AccessArt Stars to artists, facilitators and teachers who they think deserve a public acknowledgment of the work they are doing at grass roots level in visual arts education. We're very proud to have this accolade.

Maybe you have worked with us in our workshops, bought one of our eBooks or been mentored by us on your journey to art school. If so, you will have understood how important the service that we provide is.

Access art star for helping you into art schoolWhat does gaining this star mean to us?

It highlights our services and commitment as being the best in helping people from all walks of life live their dream of going to art school. A creative education is a wonderful experience and we know just how difficult it can be to make the grade for art school. By using our website and downloads we are able to reach a wide audience irrespective of location and to some extent financial constraints.

Find out how you can improve your portfolio.

To find out how you can improve your portfolio and win your place at art college check out our most popular eBook 'Creating a sensational portfolio', you can read a few pages below with preview PDF.


*AccessArt is a UK charity and it facilitates high quality visual arts workshops and events to a wide audience mainly of art educators and practitioners. The ideas and outcomes generated through these workshops are evolving as a collection of high quality, inspirational teaching and learning resources.


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